“I made up my mind, don’t need to think it over…” Urbanizm Music has cooked up something remarkable with this new single. The opening line of Adele’s heartfelt Chasing Pavements was cleverly spun as the hook and entitled This Ain’t Lust.

The distinguished lyricists on the Urbanizm Music label paint a story that speaks to a profound message: there’s more to a woman than just her body and sensuality; the brilliance of one’s brain has the potency to magnetically draw attention alike. This song is relatable to the masses and intriguing in that the vocalist is fiercely attracted to the female lead’s mind instead of the frequent “full-bodied, pretty-faced” persona that is so fetishized in the music industry. Not unlike the late 2Pac, the urban talent is able to use his lyrical skill to portray topics of substance in his music.

Artists featured on the track include Noodle Noo (who is returning after announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Peekskill, New York), Mr. J1S, Champz and Khakolak Boy. In the coming weeks, you can expect some more frustratingly dope content from the label. This Ain’t Lust is set to release July 3rd of this year. The direction in which the music group aims to take its music is unprecedented territory, and it is certainly one you do not want to sleep on!