posu yan

posu yan Selected Best Use of YouTube by WEastFellows

WEastFellows, a blog specializing in “Gamers/Otakus…talking ’bout some games and stuff” released its list of Best Music of 2012, and posu yan was chosen for “Best Use of YouTube.” Read on to see what they had to say about po!

Blogger Reetesh wrote on his site that “posu yan has a nice mix of pop-chip tunes going on in his channel and they are fun to follow, subscribe to the channel and every now and then you can see him cover some or the other song, just to improve his style and work on making more music. The videos he takes are quite fun to watch too, and there is nothing like a constant feel to perseverance.”

In regard to the selection, posu commented, “I can’t tell you how ridicilously [sic] surprised I was to be casually reading this article about all these great artists and then see my name pop up. I’m not sure I belong here..thanks for your support!”

See the full list of winners at and if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to posu’s YouTube channel at