Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble!

OC ReMix Releases Donkey Kong Country 3 Album Featuring DCT & Diggi Dis

On December 3, OverClocked ReMix (OC ReMix) released its 36th arrangement album, Donkey Kong Country 3: Double the Trouble. Hit the jump for more details!

Original composer David Wise joins over 50 members in paying tribute to the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance sountracks for the popular game. Also included are Urbanizm artists DCT and Diggi Dis, who created the tracks ‘Til We Meet Again and The Paper Chase, respectively.

Regarding The Paper Chase, long-time OC ReMix contributor Diggi remarked, “While browsing through the tracks that were still free to pick, my ears fell on this one. Since it’s a quite known track throughout the DKC series…the tune was easily transcribed for use in my project. I wasn’t sure which genre I was gonna do beforehand, but the track kind of progressed on it’s own.” In reference to ‘Til We Meet Again, DCT stated, “As soon as I heard the ‘Game Over’ tune [from the original soundtrack], I instantly dug it. Since it was only 15 seconds long, I tried to be creative with it while still maintaining the feel that drew me to the original song to begin with. I had a lot of fun putting this together.”

Double the Trouble is available for free download at OC ReMix’s web site,, and a preview trailer is available below.