Mr. J1S & Sonic Skillz Release Sasha Banks Rap

Won't  Back Down (Sasha Banks Rap)On April 15, 2014, Mr. J1S and Sonic Skillz (also known as Urbanizm Music owner DCT), released Won’t Back Down (Sasha Banks Rap), a tribute to WWE NXT Diva, Sasha Banks. DCT, said to be a fan of the NXT Diva’s work in the wrestling ring, started on the song as a tribute and potential new theme song for Banks. After reaching out to Mr. J1S, who added personalized lyrics about “The Boss of NXT,” the song was released to a strongly positive reaction from fans, several of whom loved the lyrics and felt it would be more than fitting for Sasha to use as she made her way to the ring. The most positive and inspirational praise, however, came from Sasha Banks herself:

Won’t Back Down (Sasha Banks Rap) is available on all leading digitial distribution platforms, including: