Joshua Morse Releases “The Waveform Collection” Featuring DCT & posu yan

Joshua Morse - The Waveform CollectionOn May 30, 2015, Joshua Morse released The Waveform Collection, a compilation of songs from his Waveform EP series. The Waveform series, released from 2007-2014, combines use of FM synthesis with Morse’s trademark funk/jazz/fusion songwriting. In addition to the original songs from the first five EPs, The Waveform Collection also features early demos of a select number of tracks, as well as remixes of certain tracks by artists in the video game music community. Morse himself remixed Flux and Funk Bump for the album, and Urbanizm artists DCT and posu yan also contributed remixes (of Love Song and C.S. Bossa, respectively).

The Waveform Collection is available on Joshua Morse’s Bandcamp site on a pay-what-you-want basis, and can also be streamed/purchased below.