urbanizm_logo_blackThe foundation of every track is a solid beat. However, Urbanizm Music proves that instrumental music can stand alone outside of the booth, reaching beyond being support for the rhymes of lyricists. With a vision to give the urban music community a new sound that provided music lovers with an elevated awareness of the beauty of true instrumentation, and expose them to lyrical content they wouldn’t find on today’s radio, Urbanizm Music was founded.

It was circa 2004, and with the disgust of hearing music that was far from the brink of change or progress being pushed through the airwaves, DCT started to make his vision of real music a concrete reality. There’s no lengthy or extravagant story about how our indie label came into being, just a lot of passion and musical know-how.

DCT is the businessman behind Urbanizm, which he proposed launching after he and his musical colleagues were equally dismayed and discouraged by the state of music then – and now. Even when he’s making things happen, promoting across the internet, and offering a dose of Urbanizm to the masses, he’s busy using his formal training and expert ear to create beats that embody true instrumentation.

Our slogan is “The New Movement in Urban Music.” What may pass off as a simple marketing slogan is a lifestyle that serves as the foundation of our company’s creed. These cats are starting a movement no doubt, and the sound waves coming from this collective are creating a path that cuts through the ordinary.

With a music industry dealing with the disappointing truth that people aren’t purchasing music the way they used to, Urbanizm is more focused on introducing the world to a new breed of urban music than we are with making dollars.

Urbanizm’s MCs aren’t your typical video countdown hopefuls. More concerned with making music that says something than making music that pops, the lyricists on our blossoming label are influenced by legends like Rakim, Jay-Z, and Tupac – all of whom are known for producing message-heavy rhymes to which people could relate. Likewise, many our musicians have classical training in many different instruments, including piano, guitar, flute, and drums. Edging closer to make its mark as a well-rounded label, Urbanizm also has R&B artists on our impressive, growing roster.

At Urbanizm, the music is more important than the industry. Individual artistry is a coveted quality that all of our artists possess. Urbanizm doesn’t have beat makers and rappers, we house true, spirited instrumentalists and MCs.

Get a dose.